Unawatuna sea shore is the main strip piece of sea shore in Unawatuna and it’s loaded up with magnificent spots to eat, unwind and swim. It’s a fantastic tourist attraction and an incredible spot to unwind during the day, take a dip, or basically feast at night. 

It’s a dazzling environment and you are directly on the beach so you can hear the sound of the waves. Perhaps the best activity at Unawatuna sea shore is to go for a stroll here and there the entire sea shore not long before nightfall when the climate is great, at that point settle on an extraordinary spot to eat for dusk.

The water activities done at the golden sandy beach of Unawatuna are all time famous which include snorkeling, surfing, diving, whale watching. Visiting Unawatuna without snorkeling resembles eating bread without a spread. Among activities in Unawatuna snorkeling is a renowned watersport and its an ideal spot, so it’s an unquestionable requirement. Surfing is one of the most energizing water exercises that one should give it a shot. Surfing is probably the most ideal approach to associate with nature in a spiritual way. Try diving, the most famous among activities in Unawatuna. The ocean is so wide as it covers about 71% of the Earth surface. Similarly as space, the remote ocean is a more extensive spot that has such a significant number of things lying on the ocean bed. Essentially saying, it is an alternate world under the ocean so go forth and have your sneak.Blue whale viewing on the planet’s biggest blue whale settlement is one of the most energizing activities in Unawatuna on your days off. Mirissa is the best spot to begin whale watching in Sri Lanka. The sightings of Whales are 90% ensured and 80% for dolphins. It is one of the most famous Unawatuna exercises and will be one of the lifetime accomplishments on the off chance that you can get the sightings of these great Whales jumping high.

Apart from strolling the beach other things you can do include the record breaking palm tree swing at the Dalawella beach in Unawatuna. This has become a must do thing if you ever visit Sri Lanka. Having said that it’s a magnificent spot for a pleasant evening or a nightfall and chill spot to hang out. You can also visit the Japanese Peace Pagoda, the buddhist temple with scenic ocean views or else the jungle beach, a small sandy stretch with a beach bar.

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