Things To Do In Unawatuna

Things To Do In Unawatuna

Unawatuna is a small town in Sri Lanka which located in the southern part of the country. The sun-kissed south Sri Lankan town is just a short rickshaw or bus ride away from Galle Fort but feels like a whole world away. The city has become a prestigious tourist destination in Sri Lanka with multiple attractions located around the country. Find out more than dozens of things to do in Unawatuna.
Visiting CoCo Bay, the Finest hotel in Unawatuna you can experience the thrilling Unawatuna activities that makes your journey exciting & a memorable one. And also by staying one of the recommended accommodation in Unawatuna which offers Luxurious rooms & suites that touches luxury and comfort. Watching whales at the World Largest Whale colony at Mirissa, Going for snorkelling and spending the time under the sea, diving in Unawatuna by exploring the most beautiful world under the sea, is one of the popular Unawatuna activities

World’s Largest

Blue Whale Colony

things to do in Unawatuna - exploring the largest blue whale colony

Blue whale watching in the world’s largest blue whale colony is one of the most exciting things to do in Unawatuna on your holidays. Mirissa is the best place to start whale watching tour in Sri Lanka. In 50 things to do before you Die” BBC viewers made Whale Watching Number 4 and over 13 million people go Whale watching every year. Located in Mirissa, 20 km south of Unawatuna, the sightings of Whales are 90% guaranteed & 80% for dolphins. It is one of the most popular Unawatuna activities and will be one of the lifetime achievements if you are able to catch the sightings of these marvellous Whales leaping high.


famous Unawatuna activities, snorkeling under the sea

Spending your time in Unawatuna without snorkelling is like eating bread without butter. Snorkelling in Unawatuna, the world-famous beach that has a wide range of watersports activities. Among things to do in Unawatuna snorkelling is a famous watersport and its a perfect place, so its a must to go on snorkelling in Unawatuna. The sea in Unawatuna is a perfect place to go on snorkelling. There are many amazing things that you can witness by snorkelling under the sea near Unawatuna.

World’s Largest

Blue Whale

Visit the world’s largest Blue Whale colony

“In 50 things to do before you Die” BBC viewers made Whale Watching No, 4 plus 13+ million people go whale watching every year. Sightings of whales are 90% guaranteed & 80% for dolphins.

We arrange visits to the largest Blue Whale colony in the world in Mirissa which is located 20Km south of Unawatuna. Our package includes transfers in AC vehicle, recommended whale watching agencies which are fully insured and breakfast on board.

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Jungle beach which is in walking distance is amazing for snorkeling with clear blue water and Many species of topical fish.

Snorkeling gear available for hire.

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things to do in unawatuna - surfing in the unawatuna beach

Surfing is one of the most exciting water activities that one should try out.
Surfing in Unawatuna is well known for things to do in Unawatuna and also it’s one of the best spots in Sri  Lanka. It is a watersport that has multiple interpretations. For a majority, it is a recreational activity and a physical sport. For some people, it is a religion and lifestyle or an addiction. Surfing is one of the best ways to connect with nature in a spiritual manner. Unawatuna is the most visited beach stretch in Sri Lanka, this is a surface water sport that the surfer can ride on forward or deep face of moving waves, that carries the surfer towards the shore.



diving in unawatuna - one of the best water sports

Staying at CoCo Bay Unawatuna hotel and enjoy luxurious accommodation in Unawatuna with ample hotel facilities. Rejuvenate yourself by taking part in exciting Unawatuna activities. Try out some diving, the most popular among things to do in Unawatuna. It is so wide as it covers nearly 71% of the Earth surface. Just as space, the deep sea is a wider place that has so many things lying on the sea bed. It is nearly impossible to explore the whole ocean in one lifetime. Simply saying, it is a different world under the sea. If you are a fan of adventure times, exploring deep under the sea is a great activity you must not miss.



practicing yoga in the evening at CoCobay beach hotel

Yoga is known as a physical, mental and spiritual practice found in ancient India nearly 26,000 years ago. Yoga is used in conjunction with meditation and is a major part in the religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and early Christianity. It became a popular practice throughout Europe in the 20th century. Complete liberation is the ultimate goal of practicing yoga.





cycling in the evening at CoCoBay - things to do in Unawatuna

Hailed as the most recommended among things to do in Unawatuna, cycling in the rural areas especially in early mornings will be a great experience. If you are looking to spend an awesome adventure time in the island of Sri Lanka, Cycling is must do. Even if you are a nature lover or looking to explore only the scenic surrounding the island, there is no difference. Above all, you can enjoy an unforgettable touch of nature time and adventure time combined.

Luxury Cruise Whale Watching

luxury cruise whale watching

whale watching at Mirissa - Unawatuna activities

Whale Watching in Sri Lanka is one of the most exciting activity one should try out for a lifetime. According to the BBC viewers, Whale watching is rated as number four in the list of “50 things to do before you die”. More than 13 million people go for whale watching each year. Anybody can check out for the largest mammals in the planet from Mirissa, which is located 20kms south to Unawatuna.

Day Excursions At CoCo Bay Unawatuna

Day excursions at CoCo Bay Unawatuna

day excursions At cocobay Unawatuna

Our full day tour package begins from Coco Bay Resort at about 8.00 am soon after a delicious breakfast. On the way, you get the chance to see the most prominent Buddhist monuments in South Sri Lanka. Afterwards, we take you to “Hummanaya” Blowhole which is recognized as the second largest blowhole in the world. Soon after witnessing the beauty of the blowhole, we proceed to wildlife sanctuary of either Yala or Udawalawe.

Things To Do In Unawatuna

Things to do in unawatuna

Galle’s status as UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE means it is also a sight-seeing heaven with colonial heritage artefacts. Customized day trips can be arranged. The following sites can be visited when you base your stay in Coco Bay Unawatuna.

Walking And Hiking Tour

Walking and hiking tour

things to do in Unawatuna - walking & hiking tours at CoCoBay beach hotel

Walking gives many benefits to the upliftment of your body and mind. So is hiking. If you are looking to spend some adventure time then hiking is a must. There are so many places around the world that is ideal for hiking. Even in the pearl of the Indian Ocean, there are awesome places that will indeed offer you an unforgettable walking and hiking experience.

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