If you are looking to spend an awesome adventure time in the island of Sri Lanka, Cycling is must do. Even if you are a nature lover or looking to explore only the scenic surrounding the island, there is no difference. Above all, you can enjoy an unforgettable touch of nature time and adventure time combined.

Cycling is known as the usage of the bicycle for transportation, recreation activities as well as for sports activities and exercises. It is hailed as one of the most effective and efficient modes of transportation for short and moderate distances. It is one of the best ways to go green contribute yourself to the preservation of the natural environment.

When compared to the motor vehicles bicycles can a number of advantages to the person as well as to the environment. Practically everyone including kids and adults can enjoy a large number of health benefits when going on a cycle ride. The health benefits of cycling include strengthening of various vital organs like the heart and lungs, relieving stress, boosting muscle tone and reducing the risk for diabetes.

Don’t hesitate to take a bicycle ride around rural areas of South Sri Lanka. Witness the surrounding scenic beauty around the villages. Save the environment. Be a hero. Add more wonderful memories with you.

We offer the following cycling tours with a reputed company holding a Certificate of Excellence awarded by Tripadvisor. Each of the cycling tours will offer you a unique experience.

  • Lagoon and Village Cycling
  • Galle Fort and City Cycling tour
  • 35 Km Mountain Bike Day Cycling tour.
  •  Selection of bikes for correct size, Local guides, Water and Refreshments are included in packages.

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