snorkelling in Unawatuna

Snorkelling In Unawatuna

Spending your time in Unawatuna without snorkelling is like eating bread without butter. When you visit Unawatuna, it is a must to go for some Snorkelling. The sea in Unawatuna is a perfect place to go on snorkelling. There are many amazing things that you can witness by snorkelling under the sea near Unawatuna.

Snorkelling in Unawatuna is one of the most exciting water activities that will give you a completely different experience and tons of memories. In snorkelling, you get to be equipped with a shaped breathing tube called “Snorkel” with a diving mask. When you perform snorkelling, you can observe the beauty underwater for an extended time period. With the right snorkelling equipment, you will increase the feel for the water.

Do not confuse snorkelling with Scuba Diving as both are different in terms of the number of equipment. Scuba diving needs more equipment than snorkelling. Snorkelling is more simple and less dangerous than scuba diving. Simply Unawatuna snorkelling gives you superficial views under the sea and you do not go deep into the water. You do not need to undergo extensive training for snorkelling.

Once you go for Unawatuna snorkelling under the sea, you can check the beautiful world underwater and many species of tropical fish and colourful coral reefs. If we go a little bit far from the island, one can check the mysterious shipwrecks lying beneath the sea.

There are lots of colourful varieties of coral reefs under the sea near Unawatuna. With snorkelling, you can get a perfect look on these coral reefs. Coral reefs are large underwater structures that are composed of the skeletons of colonial marine invertebrates known as coral. They are home to most of the tropical fish. Coral reefs slowly grow with centuries pass until they become massive expanded in the marine environment.

Snorkelling in Unawatuna is one of the famous among things to do in Unawatuna that brings many advantages for your holiday. It offers benefits such as the improvement of breathing, fitness enhancement, cardiovascular health, happy mood and perfecting performance. It also helps you fully connect with nature.

Jungle beach which is in walking distance from the is an amazing spot for snorkelling. You can get snorkelling gear available for hire. For inquiries and reservations, please email the resort at 

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