Walking And Hiking Tour

Walking gives many benefits to the upliftment of your body and mind. So is hiking. If you are looking to spend some adventure time then hiking is a must. There are so many places around the world that is ideal for hiking. Even in the pearl of the Indian Ocean, there are awesome places that will indeed offer you an unforgettable walking and hiking experience.

Unawatuna is one such place. It is one of the most famous tourist hotspots on the island of Sri Lanka. Unawatuna not only has a golden beach shore. Near Unawatuna, there are lots of interesting places that one should take a visit.

Walking and hiking around Unawatuna will allow you to explore the true beauty of the nature that exists in the southern part of Sri Lanka. There are rainforests, historical monuments and interesting museums that are worth to be visited.

Need guidance for an unforgettable Walking and Hiking Tour around Unawatuna…? We can provide assistance in making your journey simply a wonderful one. The tour may approximately take a duration of 6 hours. You may witness the scenic beauty of the surrounding while walking and hiking. You also get the chance to taste traditional food on the island with a village lunch. The food will indeed taste delicious and spicy.

Necessary refreshments for the tour will be provided by us. Socks against leaches will be provided too. TO get more details regarding walking and hiking touring in Unawatuna, don’t hesitate to send a message to info@cocobayunawatuna.com

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