Dewata Beach is located in the village of Dewata, in Katugoda, Galle. It is a renowned surfing spot, and also has a surfing school. The area is also surrounded by a multitude of beach side restaurants where visitors can relax and dine. As Dewata Beach is a popular surfing area, the beach has many instructors and students to be seen, particularly foreigners.

Dewata Beach is unique in that it is Galle Fort ‘s closest surfing beach which is a popular tourist area. Since there are many experienced and qualified instructors, Dewata Beach is also one of the best places to learn how to surf. It is a beach break and therefore has no sharp reef or rocks to fall on and waves are normally slow and soft, making it the perfect place to hone the surfing skills.

You can enjoy the twilight sunset, sunbathe on the beach or swim in soft , smooth waves. It’s the perfect place to learn to surf and there are surf rentals on the beach. The central location makes it convenient to explore the area around Galle: a 5-minute ride to Unawatuna, Jungle Beach and Galle Fort.

If you’re not completely surfing and want to try out a new surf spot while visiting Galle, Dewata Beach is the best option. This fairly consistent beach break with a sandy bottom is perfect for beginners and very safe. Both lefts and rights exist and the good surfing conditions mean it’s almost always a good time to surf here!

There are also many surf shops along the beach where if you don’t have one with you, you can rent a surfboard with ease. They also serve fresh coconuts and fruit juices hence be sure to catch one after your surf!

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