“Shops at Galle Fort”, where you fall in love with all those incredible handicraft shops. If you would like to bring your parents a little souvenir back then, wait until you hit Galle Fort. It owns some of Sri Lanka ‘s finest shops filled with design attributes and handicrafts that you won’t find anywhere.

Even if you’re not a cultural person, there is something refreshing about the buildings inside Galle Fort. The fort itself is a huge fortress and within the walls of the fort are museums and beautiful churches.

Wandering around in some of Galle Fort’s narrow streets makes you forget you ‘re in Sri Lanka. It seems, instead, that you are in a European region.

The Fort’s wall is where locals and tourists come together to enjoy the spectacular view over the town and the sea. Starting at the white lighthouse on the fort’s southeast side. The lighthouse is iconic to Galle Fort.

And after this full day of walking, shopping and enjoying Galle Fort, it’s now time for the most important time of the day.

Dinner time! Plenty of choices in the Fort!

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