The Dutch Reformed Church was completed in 1755, with some similarity to those in Negapatnam and Cochin in India. Established on the site of an earlier Portuguese convent, this place is known for the church’s interior and surrounding graveyards.

Built on the highest point in the city of Galle, the church stands more than twelve meters above sea level. This church was built as a result of money donated by a Dutch officer as a thanksgiving after his daughter’s birth, for which he had been waiting for many years.

The two burial chambers, located adjacent to each other, can be easily spotted in Galle Church ‘s northern garden, and has a tourist entrance. The funds given by the Netherlands Government have recently restored these chambers and its interiors. These chambers can be entered by going down a flight of steps and have a very damp and sweaty feeling.

Underneath the western end of the Cave lies a vault that was last opened in 1925. This was discovered in good condition when the vault was opened, with the remains of the last coffin lying with the bones hidden by the lid. Interesting, right?

The Dutch Reformed Church has a fascinating history attached to it and is the ideal place to get lost!


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