To the extreme south of the Fort lies the naturally occurring giant rock which the Portuguese once used as the wall of defence.  The sea, at this place, is full of rocks, most of which are not visible to the eye. It was a spot standing on which the incoming ships received the signals and warnings. That’s how the name ‘Flag Rock’ was given.

This is also known for the location as to where the Dutch hoisted their flag in 1733. It is a well picturesque location, as the top of the rock offers magnificent views of the sea and the surrounding Fort, Meera Mosque and Lighthouse bastions. People especially throng here in the evenings to view the sunset on the sea.

A pleasant way to spend the evenings here is to wander along the Pedlar Street lined with restaurants and souvenir shops. You can also enjoy the calmness of the beautiful sea lying on the rock while getting the street food bites.

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