The Galle Clock Tower is a stone monument from the late 19th century which is four stories tall. It was built on the site of the previous guardroom inside the ramparts of the Galle Fort, facing one of the fort’s three bastions.The tower was built as appreciation of services of the renowned colonial surgeon, Dr. Antonisz. 

This great Galle Clock Tower is an attraction that is well worth a visit while driving in Sri Lanka’s delightful southern coast. It is one of the few monuments to represent the illustriousness and admiration of the island’s crude history. 

Galle Clock Tower stands within the Galle Dutch Fort, on the site of the previous guard room. This tall tower faces one of the fort’s three bastions in the city. However, this tower can still be seen from a far distance, too! 

The clock stands tall but no longer is used to tell the time, it is now a famous landmark and a photo-opportunity for visitors of Galle Fort. Make sure to visit this landmark on 

your next trip to Galle!

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