Galle Fort Lighthouse, one of Sri Lanka ‘s oldest, coastal lighthouse inside Galle Fort. It was originally built in 1848 and due to its picturesque surroundings, it is one of the fort’s most visited attractions, ideal for a serene stroll or an Instagram-worthy snap. Apart from relaxing or taking stunning images of the scenery, one can also take part in activities such as swimming.

However it is important to note that visitors are not allowed to climb to the top of the lighthouse.

Standing at 26.5 meters tall, the first lighthouse was furnished with a glass prism lens supported by friction reducing Mercury bath. The mercury bath had two purposes: one was to keep the lamp at a perfect level, and the other was to make it smooth and frictionless to rotate.

Like many lighthouse keepers of the old days, around the world, the lighthouse keepers at the Galle Fort lighthouse must also have been exposed to high levels of highly toxic Mercury on a daily basis. Especially when impurities had to be removed from the top of the bath, and the liquid metal was periodically cleaned by moving it through chamois leather. But fortunately Galle Fort’s lighthouse light has been automated for a long time, and the keeper only makes the 87-foot maintenance climb and keeps an eye on the ships approaching Galle Harbor from its high point at Point Utrecht Bastion.

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