The Historical Mansion Museum in Galle Fort can be best described as a hoarder’s paradise showcasing artifacts dating back to pre-portugese era, through the dutch period and post british rule. The building preserved it’s dutch architectural style during renovation by preserving the old dutch clay and coral mixture of its thick walls. . 

There are some interesting finds inside this old restored dutch house inside Galle Fort. The shelves and cupboards inside this historical site contain colonial artifacts such as cameras, jewelry and typewriters. One of the most significant finds is the private collection of Abdul Gaffar, a long time resident and a jewelry shop owner in Galle Fort. 

The museum can be visited free of charge unlike many museums around the country and you are most welcome to take pictures of the museum to your heart’s desire. Visitors can also purchase anything on display. 

You can also see live performances of traditional crafts such as cutting and polishing gems, as well as the almost forgotten ‘beeralu lace’ embroidery art which was brought to us by the Portugese. Time goes by unnoticed at this wonderful historical landmark making it a truly memorable experience!

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