A trip to Sri Lanka isn’t really complete unless you visit a few temples. The peace pagoda on Rumassala Hill was built with the help of Japanese monks and is one of three Buddhist stupas in Sri Lanka. Stupas are monuments which serve as beacons of peace for people of all nationalities and creeds, and this is illustrated by the clean, rounded design of the Unawatuna pagoda.

Visitors can walk or drive the shaded path to the Peace Pagoda, and are rewarded with a towering, white bell-like structure surrounded by gold-painted statues. Sets of steps also lead to a walkway surrounding the shrine offering a 360-degree view of the jungle and the sea. A short walk will lead to you to another little temple, which houses a collection of statues of Lord Buddha depicting different stages of his life, along with many other statues of Kings, Queens and Hindu gods.

It is a 20-minute walk from the west end of Unawatuna beach, if travelling by road you have to use a narrow 1.6km access road from the highway. The views of Galle Bay and the ocean are spellbinding at sunset.

You can also hike Rumassala, commonly known among tourists as Buena Vista, while you’re here, this picturesque natural site is within easy reach of the Galle harbor. 

The area in and around Rumassala is home to a rich biodiversity also home to the Japanese Peace Pagoda.

The peace pagoda is visible from a distance. Structural it is like any other Pagoda, decorated by carvings of Buddha in various stages of life. The statues and carvings on white marble are of gold and bronze. It is a striking structure, when viewed from a distance. You can’t really take it all in at one go.

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