Unawatuna is a beautiful town in southern Sri Lanka, famous for its sandy beaches, myth-linked historical sites, and the vibrant coral reef that shelters Unawatuna beach. If you are a nature lover, then this is definitely the place to visit. There are plenty of things to do in this paradise, including many water sports activities as well as sightseeing spots.

The landscape is scenic with clear blue water and sandy shores. You can go swimming or rent a sunbed and relax under the warm sun. A little further ahead to the west is a small pagoda or temple that overlooks the waves. There are plenty of restaurants on the beach, if you get hungry.

Behind the beach, among the palm trees, is the Unawatuna centre. Basically, it’s one street full of nice little restaurants and shops that sell souvenirs, clothing, water, jewelry, etc.
Unfortunately, the place was destroyed by the tsunami in 2004, and the rebuilding was completed in a hurry, and many of the owners rebuilt their hotels and restaurants on the actual sand. The implication is that half of the beach is gone, and there’s not that much sand left to play on, but Unawatuna beach is still amazingly beautiful and the peaceful atmosphere adds to the serene charm of the place.
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