Ever since Steve McCurry, the famous photographer shared the world famous photograph of Stilt Fisherman of Weligama, it has been a sought after sight by all tourists visiting Sri Lanka.

So what is Stilt Fishing? It is a traditional fishing method unique to Sri Lanka. This type of fishing is passed down from generation to generation. The fisherman sits on a narrow bar tied to a narrow pole which is then embedded into the floor of the sea. Even though the stilt fisherman makes it look so easy, this type of fishing requires balance and skill. The stilt fisherman then sits on the crossbar for hours with their rods casting a line waiting for fish to swim by to be caught. Stilt fishing is usually done during the early morning hours or afternoon. 

The most common catch are spotted herrings and mackerel. The fisherman ties a bag onto their waist to store the fish that is caught for the day. 

Stilt fishing is a must-see. Don’t forget to add it onto your list of activities on your next trip to Unawatuna!

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