Feeling the turtle fever? So why not SWIM with the turtles.

Unawatuna is almost popular for its turtle population, and it is possible to swim with both baby and big turtles. The best time to meet turtles is in the morning when it is fair weather and with less heavy waves.

Unawatuna has a reef that protects the bay and makes the waters in the bay calmer during rough-sea months. So yes it is possible to dip in and have a swim.

Seeing turtles in the wild, along with watching them hatch, is something that one will want to watch for sure once in a lifetime. One can’t think of anything more amazing than the sight of tiny baby turtles digging out of the sand and racing for the sea, knowing they’ll hopefully outlive us.

They really are a wonderful creature and you can get very close to these amazing creatures in Unawatuna.

Turtles in Sri Lanka swim and take shots with you for a good reason! They do this favour to get food! And they succeed in the trick!

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