We had a 17 nights stay in Cocobay in the 1st floor sea escape room.
Having read the recommendations on tripadvisor, we decided to spend our entire stay in Sri Lanka at Coco Bay. Well, it was the best decision to make; the hotel combined everything we expected.
First of all you could have breakfast from 7.30 a.m-2 p.m. so there was no need to get up early. You had the choice between english style breakfast, healthy breakfast and sri lankan style breakfast which we found the best and can warmly recommend.
We have loved our wonderful room with rainshower and jacuzzi from where you could have a perfect view over the beach.
Furthermore we were fond of spending time in the lounge playing pool or chess while enjoying some delicious cocktails – so the short periods of heavy rain or cloudy weather didn`t bother us.

It was a pleasure having dinner at Coco Bay. To bring up a special point, the chef visited you at your table to make sure that everything is fine; if one wished to, he recommended an alternative main course. You had the choice of a huge ammount of intercontinental food which was always freshly prepared.
The only thing to complain about was that the size of the main course was (consider: 3 courses already done) generally ways too big so you sometimes had to return more than half of food.
Even if you do not think you have to go to Sri Lanka for that purpose- try pizza and pasta- they are pretty delicious.
The waiters were very attentive; now and then there were some mistakes but they were always in a good mood and did their best to make you feel comfortable.

The well designed rooms were always very clean and usually decorated with flowers. There was lovely cinnamon scent in the air. Service was very individual and it were the little things that made us happy. In the afternoon e.g., delicious cake, brownies or shortbread was waiting for us. One cloudy afternoon, we came up to the room and found our jacuzzi full with flowers and enjoyed a bath in candlelight.
Laundry service was very reliable and fast.
From the first day on an employee of the housekeeping service was introduced to us as our butler, who was a very good help in different situations.

Special thanks goes to the manager of housekeeping who just didn`t seem to know the word „problem“. He immediately got our wifi fixed as it broke down and was always working to make things perfect.

The staff at the reception always had a nice good morning for us and besides of informations around Galle and places to be they provided us with really good music.

In conclusion the friendly staff made our stay as good as it was. Thank you so much!
See you soon, Cocobay!

XAnettax | Germany

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