I have been on oh so many holidays where something or the other was slightly “off” in some way. This was one time where there were no compromises whatsoever and I give almost all the credit to our absolutely stunning hotel. The rooms and the hotel itself are even more gorgeous than the pictures tell. A wonderfully clicked photo can never tell you the story of the sunset changing from yellow, to orange, to red to pink to purple to gone. A sunset that you watch right from your room (you don’t even have to walk to your verandah – the view is wide open and clear even from your own bed!). A picture can never make you understand the calming effect of listening to the waves gently break at the beach just a few metres in front of you as you sink into the deepest of sleep. Or the convenience of just walking from your own verandah right onto a quiet beach. Or let your taste buds know just how wonderful the Sri Lankan food they serve is. Or demonstrate how wonderful all the staff there is. I could go on in this vein but I think I’ll let all of you experience it for yourself instead 🙂

Madhavi D | India

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