If I had to summarize this hotel: it’s incredibly sexy with a lot of personal touches…starting with my superb breakfast that included french press coffee and fresh baked bread…but you MUST try the authentic full Sri Lankan spread! Details also included the layout of my room with artisan soap, different types of pillows to choose from, soft lighting, and a spacious balcony with a jacuzzi and a million dollar view of the ocean! The menu is also special…we enjoyed several fresh ciabatta sandwiches and had beautiful moonlit seafood dinner and wine by the sea. They have their own private cove and beach, and the pool is setup by the ocean, so you can swim and still enjoy the crashing waves. The staff was incredibly warm and accommodating…everyone went above and beyond to ensure our comfort…AND they were wonderful with my one-year-old daughter! She played in the grassy area and swam in the baby pool every day. It was such a delight.

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