The Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA), also known as the USMCA, has officially come into force. This agreement, which replaces the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), aims to modernize and strengthen trade relations between the three countries.

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Judgement on Non-Disclosure Agreement

A recent judgement has been made on a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) case. The court’s decision highlights the importance of carefully drafting and reviewing NDAs to ensure they are enforceable and protect the interests of all parties involved.

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Contract Management in Oil and Gas Industry

Contract management plays a crucial role in the oil and gas industry. Effective contract management helps companies mitigate risks, ensure compliance with regulations, and optimize operational efficiency. Check out this PDF for more information on contract management in the oil and gas industry.

The Final Stage of the Grievance Procedure in a Collective Agreement

In a collective agreement, the final stage of the grievance procedure is typically arbitration. This stage involves an impartial third party who reviews the case and makes a binding decision. To understand more about the final stage of the grievance procedure in a collective agreement, visit this link.

Arbitration Agreement

An arbitration agreement is a contract where parties agree to resolve any disputes through arbitration rather than litigation. If you are interested in learning more about arbitration agreements, take a look at this resource.

International Agreement

International agreements play a vital role in fostering cooperation and resolving global issues. To explore the importance and impact of international agreements, click here.

Partial Performance of a Contract

Partial performance of a contract occurs when one party fulfills some but not all of their obligations under the agreement. To understand when partial performance of a contract occurs and its implications, visit this page.

Asset Purchase Contract Template

An asset purchase contract is used when buying or selling assets, such as real estate or business assets. If you need a template for an asset purchase contract, you can find one here.

GDPR and Data Processing Agreements

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has brought significant changes to data processing agreements. To learn more about the impact of GDPR on data processing agreements, check out this article.

Agreement to Extend Limitation Period

Sometimes, parties may agree to extend the limitation period for filing a claim. To understand the concept of an agreement to extend the limitation period, visit this webpage.

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