The small town of Boossa, home to Pitiwella Beach, is a brilliant off the beaten path destination near Galle,  It is the perfect place to relax away from the crowds that are found at some of the most popular tourist hotspots in Sri Lanka.

The beach ‘s western stretch is mainly rugged, but the eastern stretch is a lovely sandbank that can be mostly undisturbed by the standards of  beaches in the South Coast near Galle.

There are not too many things to do in Boossa aside from enjoying Pitiwella Beach, visiting the beach bars and simply hanging out, but it’s this simplicity that makes it a perfect place to go. You’ll get a much more authentic Sri Lankan experience as it’s a quieter destination, as well as the added benefit of cheaper restaurants and accommodation being cheaper than in nearby Galle.

The beach bars along Pitiwella beach in Boosa are a perfect spot to enjoy some drinks during your holiday. Even if you don’t fancy a drink, it’s worth spending some time there as all the bars have a chilled vibe and a lovely beachfront location.

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