Visiting the dog care clinic is one of the most unique things to do in Unawatuna.

The Dog Care Clinic in Unawatuna is staffed by around 40 people  and this comes in the form of people out and about seeking pets, feeding pets, conducting dog surgery, neutering dogs, or even just cuddling dogs. The staff go out to feed over 400 dogs in the local area every single day and night. They have literally piles of food and these dogs know they are being fed each night. They also check to make sure all the dogs are in good shape and not injured while they are doing their feeding routine.

The dog care clinic Unawatuna neuter 25 dogs a day. Even after being open for years, the fact that they are still doing 25 a day shows the sheer number of dogs in the region. Neutering is a key component of the initiative to help try to slow down the dog problem in Sri Lanka. There are not enough homes now, and there are more puppies being born and dying because they are too sick to survive. Or they are dumped, beaten, or gassed at times.
Dog care clinic at Unawatuna is basically the ONLY self-funding rescue centre for dogs in all of Sri Lanka. And with 40 million strays, one can’t imagine the challenges they are facing. If you are a dog lover,  you can visit the clinic and meet some of the dogs and see how things work.
You’ll feel a mix of emotions when you are there, but it’s an experience everyone should have when they are visiting Unawatuna because every dog deserves love.They even have a section of dogs dedicated to “in loving memory of”. we dare you to read through them and their little stories without crying- we really dare you.
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