The southern coast of Sri Lanka is one of the best-kept secrets in Asia, though that secret is quickly being revealed as more and more people flock to Ceylon for its tropical beaches, incredible wildlife, rich culture and ancient heritage landmarks. Need more convincing? 

Join us at Cococbay for an exceptional session of yoga, sun, sea, surf and wildlife-watching opportunities in an unspoilt corner of Southern Sri Lanka. This retreat ticks all the dream yoga holiday boxes, perfect white sands, turquoise waters, leafy palms, and delicious seafood! The beachfront resort here is nestled amongst the trees just behind the beach, catching the sea breezes and providing shade. 

Yoga is instantly becoming one of the most popular workout regimes among people who are working on gaining strength, flexibility as well as losing weight. There are more than 100 different forms of Yoga, some are fast-paced while the rest is gentle and relaxing. Performing Yoga sessions can bring greater relaxation and reduce stress. Many people think that they need to be flexible to do Yoga. But all you need is a little bit of positive thinking. 

Practising Yoga in Unawatuna, in front of the beach, relaxing your body and mind. It does more than burn calories and tone muscles. Yoga can give you both physical and mental benefits. The physical benefits include increased flexibility, balance, stamina, strength and body alignment. The mental benefits include stress reduction, relaxation, boost self-confidence, body awareness and better sleep.

Overall Yoga can make you happy and lead you to find a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle means it will encourage you to address any eating and weight problems. This also supports you in lowering your sugar level and improving the immunity system.

When you visit Unawatuna, it is a must to try out some yoga sessions in a calm and serene environment. There is no better place to carry out Yoga in Unawatuna other than on the Unawatuna beach. Cocobay Unawatuna offers Yoga & Wellness Retreat sessions guided by professionals outside our hotel premises. To know more about our Yoga Packages, please don’t hesitate to contact us on the details below.




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