Galle is one of the best surfing destinations in Sri Lanka. The best time for surfing down south is during November to May. You have the option to choose from renting a surfboard to getting a coach to teach you the fundamentals of riding the waves. Expert surfers can also catch bigger waves in and near beaches of Galle and you can catch waves that are 5-10 ft during June- September during the south west monsoon. 

As Sri Lanka is a renowned surfing destination for all levels of experience, there are waves on learning how to stand upon a surfboard and are tubes available for sea urchins over the shallow deep waters that make the waves even much more thrilling for a defying surfing experience. 

On either side of the island, the nation has different seasonal patterns whereas if one coast is rough and tough, the other is calm and quiet. The rains take turns reaching the coast from various directions, rendering Sri Lanka a choice for surfing another year-round. 

Unawatuna and Hikkaduwa in the southwest, Weligama in the south, and Arugam Bay in the east are the most famous surfing destinations in Sri Lanka. 

The added bonus is that surfing is yet another talent you can learn or a thing you can tick off from your bucket list. It is cheap to try on your trip to Sri Lanka and will make for a great activity.

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